Empowering Dealerships by Evolving on From Spreadsheets: SalesLogs & Brambourne Group Unite

Empowering Dealerships by Evolving on From Spreadsheets: SalesLogs & Brambourne Group Unite

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SalesLogs is delighted to announce its partnership with Brambourne Group on March 19th, 2024. Brambourne Group, an automotive management consultancy and software solutions provider with a global footprint, collaborates with SalesLogs, to put control back in the hands of dealerships, providing supercharged data-grids and real-time analytics that will empower teams to manage their operations effectively, make informed decisions and achieve greater growth throughout the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions.


Specializing in consultancy, training, and software distribution within the automotive industry, Brambourne Group serves OEMs and dealer groups worldwide. Leveraging a team of industry experts, they support some of the largest automotive manufacturers and dealer groups across the globe. Operating in over 65 countries, Brambourne assists clients by creating sustainable value through consulting, training & software solutions.

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James Bourne, CEO of Brambourne, expresses his excitement about the partnership: "We are thrilled to join forces with SalesLogs. Despite the digital era, many businesses still rely on manual spreadsheets to manage & measure their operations, exposing themselves to potential errors and risks. We have observed how SalesLogs simplifies and enhances these processes, helping businesses drive their performance further. By combining SalesLogs' expertise with our extensive background in automotive consultancy, we are ready to elevate business efficiency, optimization, and transparency to higher levels.


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About SalesLogs:

At SalesLogs, we’re more than just a software platform; we’re the driving force behind automotive success. Picture a dynamic space where contributors and managers come together, fueled by data-driven insights and collaborative spirit.

Here’s why SalesLogs stands out as your dealership’s secret weapon:

  1. Unified Collaboration: Our cloud-based system seamlessly brings sales teams together. Contributors and managers sync harmoniously, ensuring alignment across the board.
  2. Real-Time Insights: Say farewell to guesswork. With SalesLogs, you gain instant access to intelligent sales reports. Make informed decisions, spot trends, and pivot strategically.
  3. Efficiency Amplified: No more legacy spreadsheets slowing you down. SalesLogs empowers your team to focus on what truly matters—closing deals.
  4. Tailored Solutions: We understand the unique needs of automotive professionals. SalesLogs adapts to your workflow, putting you in control.


About Brambourne:

Brambourne offers comprehensive 'turnkey' solutions and services, including management and business consultancy, project management, network development, 'business excellence and turnaround' services, implementation of manufacturer and dealership-based programs, management and team mentoring, assessment and profiling, as well as the introduction of coaching and training programs. They also specialize in the supply and implementation of cutting-edge automotive solutions and software packages.

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