How SalesLogs is futureproofing car dealerships

How SalesLogs is futureproofing car dealerships

We think about the future a lot – specifically the future of car dealerships. After all, as a centralised business intelligence platform for the automotive industry, SalesLogs is all about giving auto dealerships the tools they need to succeed in the years to come.

In this article, we’ll hone in on a few key features of the SalesLogs platform, highlighting how they’re engineered for the future of car dealerships and can help you improve car sales.

Eliminating data silos

Data silos are bad news. They lead to miscommunication, low sales performance, and missed opportunities. The thing is, no one intentionally builds a detrimental information silo into their business – they happen over time as a business grows and doesn’t have the right tools in place to ensure all teams are aligned with the same, accurate information.

SalesLogs is the perfect antidote to data silos in your car dealership. With clear dashboards that teams across your organisation can update in real time, everyone will be armed with the numbers and insights they need to get deals over the line and improve car sales. This is essential for survival in today’s competitive automotive business landscape, let alone the future where disruptive events (like the global pandemic) may lie around every corner.

Boosting performance

SalesLogs creates a unified view of dealership and sales rep performance, with KPI tracking and profitability insights. This makes it considerably easier to identify which salespeople are bringing in the most business, and which could use some additional guidance or training. The SalesLogs leaderboard feature, for instance, pulls real-time sales data in an intuitive ranking display to motivate the entire team with weekly or monthly targets.

Our KPI dashboards, on the other hand, offer granular detail into cross-departmental performance, providing a multi-level visualisation of how your finances are actually doing. This means better decision making and a more resilient business.

Improving communication

Another way the SalesLogs platform helps auto dealerships prepare for the future is by improving interdepartmental communication. Even if everyone has access to the same data, you can’t count on key stakeholders to know what to expect from other team members if they aren’t communicating. SalesLogs features a simple and effective communication functionality that allows employees to leave comments anchored to certain fields in the  DataGrid, and tag their co-workers to keep everyone in the loop.

These are just some of the ways we’re helping auto dealerships in Australia and around the world to prepare for future success.

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