Hybrid work increasing the need for automotive business intelligence

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Hybrid work increasing the need for automotive business intelligence

The shift towards hybrid work environments has increased the demand for information visibility across all dealerships. More employees and employers are recognising the benefits of a combination of in-office and remote work.

Dealerships are among the businesses that enjoy these advantages. However, to successfully develop an environment that's suitable for hybrid work, dealerships should integrate cloud-based automotive business intelligence software that enables them to adapt their workplace models.

What exactly is business intelligence in the automotive industry?

Many dealerships used to rely on outdated technology such as spreadsheets. But these systems didn't offer the kind of insights and updates organisations needed to remain agile. In the process, management would have to consolidate spreadsheet data from multiple departments with varying data entry guidelines.

Through the use of automotive business intelligence, you can collect and more easily analyse all of the data across departments using a single access point.

Business intelligence can be invaluable. But you must have the right automotive business intelligence solution to get the results you want.

If you're wondering what automotive BI software can do to facilitate hybrid work, the following are some of the specific benefits you'll see with the right solution.

Visibility across company-wide data

One of the key benefits of automotive business intelligence software is the transparency of data across every department. Using a regularly updated central business intelligence tool, you'll never be in the dark regarding how each department or even each individual is performing. All of your data will be visible and relevant. You'll have a complete picture of each piece of data you need.

With increased transparency also comes the ability to effectively manage your entire inventory. Accurate inventory tracking and delivery will help you limit shortages, product deterioration, and shipment delays. You'll always know each vehicle and aftermarket product's status. All of this data is available on a single platform that you and your teams can access at any time and from any location.

Production of real-time daily reports

To ensure everyone on your team is up-to-date on your business's performance, you also need access to real-time reports on a daily basis. The right automotive BI software will provide you with regular reports and in-depth car dealer analytics that give you clear insights into performance.

You can easily set up email reports for your entire team, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Whether at the dealership or at home, your sales and other departments’ personnel will have access to the latest data and visual reports. You and your staff can then determine and communicate plans to further optimise performance and yield better results to meet your business goals.

Seamless integration between dealership departments

Cross-communication is integral for dealership departments. The right automotive business intelligence solution will connect all of your departments in a seamless platform that ensures your teams are aligned. For example, communication functions can enable owners and general managers to view communication across teams. At the same time, department managers stay up-to-date on key matters. Also, team members can stay informed on each deal.

To enable efficient communications, a good tool will also allow for in-cell comments. These comments inform other team members of important information they need to know. Additionally, visual alerts can notify staff of any critical updates. This further makes sure that everyone stays on top of things.
Without reliance on spreadsheets from each department, each team will also be able to see the most recent data sets across departments for optimal clarity and accuracy.

All of these advantages help make sure your entire dealership is always in the know and aware of each department's status and performance.

Accountability across activity

In a hybrid work environment, dealership managers should also be able to ensure consistent accountability across all activities. You and your teams should never be uncertain about who made certain changes and updates in your departments.
For instance, SalesLogs's audit trails can keep track of activities and communication. Then you can determine who did what at any given point. This prevents any blame games from breaking up your teams and pitting employees against each other. You can also use this feature to capture and track any changes to data entries. This saves you time determining who made the change. You can even conduct a complete audit trail of updates to data within a specific range. You'll see what sets of data have undergone changes across multiple users, categories, and deals in a streamlined visual format.

The right software will also let you see all data updates for individual cells. This includes changes by users, date, and time with comparisons to previous values. If there are any erroneous modifications to your data, you can instantly revert to the original data.

How SalesLogs can help

To give your business what it needs to become hybrid work-capable, you need automotive business intelligence software that equips everyone across the company with consistently relevant data and accurate, in-depth insights into performance. Our innovative solution offers myriad features to give you and your staff the resources needed to align teams working remotely with on-premises employees. This allows for true synchronicity that keeps your dealership functioning the way it should in the digital age.

At SalesLogs, we provide our customers with reliable business intelligence software that can prepare them for the future. If you would like to learn more about our solution's capabilities, book a demo today to get started.

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