4 car dealerships with fit-outs worth looking at

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4 car dealerships with fit-outs worth looking at

A huge component of successful car dealerships is a showroom that best represents the dealership's brand and inventory. To optimise the customer experience and build a stronger relationship with leads, you need a showroom fit-out that's aligned with your brand. If you have a great showroom to help push the vehicles in your lineup, you'll have the chance to appeal to more potential buyers and drive more sales.

To give you a better idea of what you can achieve with the right showroom fit-out, the following are four of the best examples of car dealerships from leading automakers.

1. BMW Sydney

BMW Sydney

BMW has built a reputation as one of the top vehicle manufacturers. It's become known for its line of quality vehicles and quality customer service. To help reflect what BMW stands for, the company has built an aesthetically appealing showroom fit-out in Sydney to showcase its collection of vehicles.

This showroom features vast indoor spaces containing and displaying a wide array of vehicles.

The showroom's architecture is as impressive as the vehicles on display. It has multi-floor showrooms and surrounding outdoor spaces that create a luxurious atmosphere. Plants in the space complement the exterior foliage. Also, a combination of recessed and drop-down incandescent lighting creates a calming environment.

Additionally, a sit-down area at the centre of the showroom provides staff and customers with a comfortable space to discuss a potential purchase.
Through this showroom alone, BMW continues to exemplify as a top-quality dealership.

2. Mercedes-Benz Brisbane

Mercedes-Benz Brisbane

Another brand that has led the way in showroom fit-outs is Mercedes-Benz. This company built a showroom in Brisbane that, according to The Courier-Mail, more closely resembles 'a luxury apartment complex than a car dealership.'
Part of the reason for this is that it functions as much more than a showroom. Mercedes-Benz intends to use the space to provide 'an upscale lifestyle shopping and relaxation precinct' for visitors. In the process, the facility will boast space for yoga, fine dining, and more.

To accommodate this extensive retail experience, Mercedes-Benz has developed a five-storey dealership equipped with far more than a showroom. In addition to browsing vehicles, visitors to this showroom will have the opportunity to:

  • Dine in a five-star rooftop restaurant.
  • Enjoy a boardwalk café.
  • Consult with real estate agents and other tenants on a floor dedicated to them.

When it comes to vehicles, the dealership includes space for over 150 cars. It also has three levels dedicated to retail operations, wash and work bays, and a double-helix driveway that leads to and from four levels.

The aim of this showroom is to revitalise the automotive experience by offering far more than a vehicle selection. The main goal is to help boost vehicle sales. But brands like Mercedes-Benz understand that to move people toward a sale, it's necessary to offer a unique experience that prospects won't find with other dealerships.

3. Porsche Newcastle

Porsche Newcastle dealership

Porsche has also sought to innovate the automotive experience with its Porsche Centre Newcastle dealership. This 1,670 square-meter facility took $5 million and 14 months to build, culminating in a world-class facility that serves as a hub for the Porsche community. The brand chose Newcastle for this facility's location due to the city's unique energy as it grew into a vibrant location that's worth the investment.

The goal of this facility is to combine a showroom environment with that of a workshop. In achieving this, the facility features 99.9kW of rooftop solar panels. It also has AC and DC chargers for Porsche's line of plug-in and electric vehicle models. Both new and existing customers can enjoy this space and connect with Porsche via state-of-the-art technology and a superior brand experience.

4. BMW Castle Hill


While the BMW Sydney showroom is impressive enough, the brand has also brought its top-tier services to a facility in Castle Hill, which recently won the NSW Master Builders Award following its redevelopment.

This particular facility includes two levels, with an eight-car showroom that features an area dedicated to BMW's 'M' series. It also includes a pre-owned vehicle area, along with a 12-bay workshop, customer lounge, café, and entertainment area to keep customers occupied. Again, this shows how BMW is leading the way in creating the ideal brand experience through their car dealerships. In doing so, it remains competitive with Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and other industry leaders.

Gain a competitive edge with a unique showroom fit-out

As these examples show, car dealerships are evolving. They're at the point where the experience is no longer merely about showcasing vehicles. Today's dealerships offer a complete experience that defines the brands behind them, reinforcing their reputations for superior customer service.

Offer your new and existing customers a unique experience that differentiates you from your competitors. If you're not, people will be less likely to turn to you. Brands that offer forgettable experiences won't attract excited leads, as people seek much more from their favourite automotive brands.

You may not have the budget to create state-of-the-art car dealerships with the many amenities that come with brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. But, you can take steps to create the ideal customer experience through your dealership. Do what you can to make the most of the space you have with organised vehicle showcases. Include other spaces such as customer lounges and entertainment areas.

As your business grows, you may also have a bigger budget to invest in the showroom experience. As a result, visitors to your dealership will be more inclined to become long-term, loyal customers.

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