Does your dealership have data consistency?

Does your dealership have data consistency?

Dealerships rely on effective data management to perform at their best. One of the most important aspects of data management is data consistency. Without consistent data, dealership data management will suffer due to inaccurate and unclear data. If you're not entirely sure what data consistency is and why it's so important, the following is a guide to help you better understand this fundamental concept.

What is dealership data consistency, and why do you need it?

Data consistency is a process that involves maintaining consistent information across multiple datasets. Through data consistency, data will remain accurate across applications and networks. You need data consistency because it can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed one. This is particularly the case if you deal with multiple external and internal data sources, as it ensures that all of your data is uniform regardless of where it is.

You can maintain data consistency with the help of a centralised tech solution in your dealership. Using the right tools, you'll keep all instances of data accurate and regularly updated to make sure everyone within your organisation is using the right datasets.

An example of data consistency for a dealership could include the number of used vehicles sold across multiple applications. If the number changes, all of your systems will reflect this change through data consistency. You may also track data such as aftermarket sales and upsells that systems must maintain using proper data management processes.

How data inconsistency can hurt your dealership

Data inconsistency potentially damages any business's ability to manage its data. It can lead to inaccurate forecasting and reporting, severely compromising your growth. To facilitate effective dealership data management, you must avoid data inconsistency using the appropriate measures. Otherwise, teams won't work with the same data across all departments, and you'll be unable to predict the future of your business due to inaccurate reports.

For example, you may want to figure out what to improve upon in terms of sales and determine what to focus on to grow your dealership. Inconsistent data in a monthly report might indicate that new car sales are higher than they actually are, while other sales are lower. Based on this data, you and your staff may focus on aftermarket and other sales based on inaccurate figures when your team should actually focus more on making new car sales.

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Inaccurate automotive market data could also negatively impact your decisions about how to remain competitive in the industry.

When it comes to tracking sales team performance, inconsistent data could make it unclear which of your employees are doing the best. This could lead to decreased morale and improper actions in an effort to improve performance. For instance, inaccurate data may show that an employee hasn't sold as much as they have, in which case leaders may direct their focus toward this employee instead of another who's truly underperforming.

Ultimately, if you're working with inaccurate, unclear, and outdated data, you won't have the resources you need to make the right choices for your organisation. As a result, your dealership risks stagnating or failing due to poor data management.

How SalesLogs can help with dealership data consistency

Many businesses still rely on traditional spreadsheets for data management, including dealerships. While spreadsheets are familiar and cloud-based spreadsheets are available, these solutions come with certain limitations. Spreadsheets require manual updates, and sharing them across teams and departments could lead to data inconsistency as datasets change.

Using SalesLogs, you can experience the benefits of proper dealership data management with data consistency. SalesLogs makes it easy to synchronise all data across all devices and teams, from sales and finance to aftermarket teams. Unlike limited spreadsheets, you can effectively organise and manage all data at all times using a variety of unique features.

If you want real-time insight into your dealership's performance, SalesLogs features KPI dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute data. You can then compare your current performance to your targets. This process change will help you predict future results and inform your decisions. Meanwhile, leaderboards allow you to see individual performance that indicates how sales staff are helping meet your sales goals. The SalesLogs DataGrid also replaces outdated spreadsheets with a familiar yet innovative dashboard. This DataGrid makes it easy to filter your data or change views without affecting other users.

Additionally, SalesLogs's Target Manager enables you to measure your entire team's success according to performance KPIs. This tool also allows you to view past performance to see what kind of progress your teams have made. Using the History Tracker, you'll be able to hold employees accountable if they make any changes to your data. This can further assist with data consistency.

By integrating SalesLogs into your dealership's data management systems, you'll never need to worry about data inconsistency compromising your operations. You can keep all of your teams updated with the latest information and ensure that all data is uniform for every network and employee.

Maintain data consistency with the right tools

Implementing tools such as SalesLogs to improve data management will reap the rewards of data consistency. Combined with best practices in data management, this can give your dealership the chance to experience real growth. Want to learn more about how SalesLogs and other solutions can help you get the most from your data management efforts? Check out our article covering your one-stop strategy for data management for your car dealership.

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