Dealership analytics for car dealers and how to improve your margins

Dealership analytics for car dealers and how to improve your margins

Did you know that smart use of car dealership analytics can improve your margins? Whether you want to keep an eye on underperforming team members, vehicle sales, or develop long-term strategic plans that turn your dealership into a flagship site, effective use of your data can help you achieve your ultimate goals: better margins. 

Here are some of the ways specialised analytics for car dealers can help drive profitability in your business:

Improve internal business processes

A centralised business intelligence platform keeps all your data safe and in one place. This allows you to generate data analytics reports that help you identify process inefficiencies at a glance — across the whole business. A centralised platform also automatically eliminates several friction points; for example, by ensuring real-time alignment across teams on everything from deal status to contact reports. 

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Gain an edge in digital marketing

Ambitious goals require fearless tactics. Data analytics for car dealerships opens up more than just the ability to hone internal business operations. It also offers you an edge with consumers. Data analytics reports can help you understand your client segments better — from demographics (who’s visiting your website or interacting with your brand) to Click-Through Rates and lead form abandonment rates (what they’re doing on your website). 

All of this helps you to refine brand messaging and create offers that turn visitors into leads and eventually into customers. What’s more, data analytics tools will help you to further optimise your marketing expenditure over time as you collate and analyse larger sets of customer behaviour data against marketing campaigns.

Increase your revenue with dealership reporting.

Control business performance

From the ahead-of-trend predictive analytics to foundational supply chain management insights, dealership analytics allows you to better control your business performance. Through analytics tools, you’ll gain clear insight into every aspect of your business with up-to-the-minute accuracy. Knowing which teams are underperforming, or where operational costs can be slashed, can all work towards improving your margins. 

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