Is Your Dealership Ready to Shift from Order Taking to Selling Again?

Is Your Dealership Ready to Shift from Order Taking to Selling Again?

The automotive retail industry has experienced a whirlwind of changes in the past few years. The pandemic, with its unprecedented challenges, altered the playing field significantly. Amidst the intense impact of COVID-19, we found ourselves in a market characterised by scarcity and soaring demand. Dealerships transitioned from traditional sellers to mere order takers, reflecting the shift in consumer dynamics. As we emerge into a post-pandemic world with easing restrictions and revving production lines, is your dealership ready to revisit the craft of selling?

The Changed Landscape

When the pandemic struck, it forced a standstill in production and a surge in demand. Customers were ready to buy, yet inventory was scarce. Sales consultants became order takers, the experience became transactional, and the hustle of selling took a back seat to necessity. The dynamic shifted so dramatically that it reshaped the customer's purchasing expectations and the salesforce's approach to closing deals.

The Time to Reskill and Upskill Is Now

But as we transition out of crisis mode, there's an imperative need to switch gears. With more stock readily available, we must rekindle the flames of true selling. For the newcomers, who entered the industry during these atypical times, and for the veterans who may have lost touch with their foundational sales training, a fresh round of education in sales techniques is crucial.

New Talent Introduction

The newcomers need to be trained in the art of selling—beyond just processing a request. Their initiation should include understanding customer psychology, the importance of building relationships, and mastering the sales process. They've seen how easy it is when demand trumps supply, but moving forward, they must cultivate these skills to thrive.

Refinement for Veterans

Similarly, seasoned sales consultants require a reawakening. Some may have become complacent in the easiness of order taking, and advocating for the upsell or cross-sell may seem like a forgotten duel. To re-educate them on taking the right steps in a sale means reinstating principles like active listening, problem-solving, and creating tailored value propositions.

Reworking the Sales Ecosystem

For dealership owners and managers, this means developing a roadmap to success that:

  • Introduces comprehensive training programs for new hires.
  • Offers refresher courses for existing sales personnel.
  • Reestablishes sales KPIs that reward genuine selling skills over mere order fulfilment.

Charting New Sales Territories

The environment is ripe for shaping a sales culture that's both ambitious and customer-centric. Leverage digital tools for CRM and data analytics to understand buying patterns, personalising offers and communication. Encourage team members to go beyond the basics and master the finesse that was once integral to car sales.

The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

In an era marked by electric vehicles' rise, evolving online purchases, and buyers informed like never before, standing out as a dealership demands more than a good inventory. It calls for sales teams that are empowered, knowledgeable, and able to deliver an exceptional experience.

By nurturing the skills of selling and relationship-building, your dealership can face more than just a post-pandemic recovery; it can drive towards a future of growth, resilience, and success.


Are you ready to harness the comeback of selling? Can your team pivot from order-taking to becoming sales champions? The marketplace is shifting yet again, and the dealerships that adapt will find themselves ahead in the race.

Join the conversation below and share how your dealership is reinvigorating the selling spirit in your team.

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