Is your dealership ready to sell electric cars?

Is your dealership ready to sell electric cars?

Electric cars continue to increase in popularity among consumers as more people aim to enhance energy efficiency. With the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise, dealerships are selling more of them to meet the growing demand. Selling electric vehicles can help dealerships stay competitive and maintain an edge. However, there are essential considerations to keep in mind.

Electric vehicles are the future of car dealerships. Recent statistics predict that by 2040, 58% of the world's passenger vehicle sales will involve electric vehicles. The latest data shows that by 2030, nearly one in three cars on the roads in China will be electric, and almost one in five in both the United States and the European Union. These and other statistics illustrate that electric cars are the future of the automotive industry as people transition away from petrol-powered vehicles.

Factors Required to Sell Electric Cars
Before you can begin selling electric cars, there are some factors to consider as you prepare your dealership. These include:

Charging Stations

The most crucial logistical element for a dealership selling electric vehicles is installing electric charging stations. Different types of charging stations could be installed, such as AC charging stations that use alternating current (AC) for lower power requirements, and DC charging stations that supply direct current (DC) for vehicles needing more power. DC charging stations are more expensive due to their higher power consumption.

Charging stations will be key to keeping customers with electric vehicles returning for service. Multiple connectors can be equipped to service a wide range of vehicle types.

Team Training

Once charging stations are in place, your team will need sufficient training around electric vehicles. They need to understand the differences between electric and traditional petrol vehicles, such as the need for charging stations and how to operate them. Efficiency ratings for electric vehicles depend on kilowatt-hours (kWh) consumed over 100 km, unlike petrol vehicles measured in litres per 100 km.

Electric cars require less maintenance due to fewer components. Unlike fuel-consuming vehicles, EVs don't need spark plugs, brake pads, and other parts that wear out. Customers will need less frequent service, which could impact your dealership's bottom line.

With adequate knowledge of electric cars and their operation, your sales staff and employees will be better prepared for an influx of electric vehicle sales and customers needing EV service. This expertise will help establish your business as a local leader.


To sell more electric vehicles, you need to convince people of their benefits over other vehicles. Your marketing should highlight the environmental benefits of EVs, such as zero tailpipe emissions and the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. Even when charging stations use fossil fuels, EVs still contribute to lower emissions.

The production of EVs can be cleaner than traditional vehicles, with ongoing changes in industry standards and manufacturing processes to be more energy-efficient and sustainable. EVs also use more recycled and sustainable materials, reducing their carbon footprint. These advantages should be emphasised in marketing campaigns to encourage people to switch from petrol to electric cars.

Electric cars are set to become increasingly popular in the coming years. Selling these vehicles will benefit your dealership, ensuring your dealership thrives. With the right preparations and marketing strategies, you can make the most of this trend and maintain a competitive edge. Successfully integrating electric vehicles into your business model and encouraging customers to purchase and service them at your dealership will allow your business to flourish in this evolving industry.


  •  Global electric car sales are projected to reach around 17 million by the end of 2024, with a 25% growth in the first quarter compared to 2023.
  • In China, electric car sales are expected to hit about 10 million in 2024, accounting for 45% of all car sales in the country.
  • In the United States, approximately one in nine cars sold will be electric, while in Europe, despite a generally weak outlook for passenger car sales, electric cars are set to represent one in four cars sold.
  • By 2035, every other car sold globally is set to be electric, and if energy and climate pledges are met, two in three cars sold could be electric.
  • Substantial investments in the electric vehicle supply chain and declining prices for EVs and batteries are driving these changes.


The momentum behind electric cars is clear and growing. Ensuring that your dealership is prepared to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles will position you for success. By focusing on essential factors such as charging stations, team training, and effective marketing, you can take advantage of the electric vehicle revolution and maintain a competitive edge in the automotive industry.

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