How accurate dealership analytics is the key to staff engagement

How accurate dealership analytics is the key to staff engagement

In any dealership, engaged employees perform better, drive positive ROI, and increase dealership revenue. Meanwhile, disengaged employees can do the opposite, hurting your business's performance and bottom line. However, you won't be able to drive improvement if you don't know specifically what to improve. That’s where performance tracking and dealership analytics can help. Without effective performance tracking, dealerships often end up spinning their wheels and fail to make the changes that are truly necessary to drive employee engagement.

Accurate data tracking offers a number of benefits that can help you improve staff engagement and subsequent performance. These advantages include the following:

1. Visualisation

One of the ways your dealership can benefit from data tracking and dealership analytics is the ability to visualise employee performance. If employees can see their performance laid out in front of them, they'll gain more insight into what areas could benefit from improvement. They'll also see which areas are their strengths. That insight can boost morale and further encourage them to continue developing these strengths.

Something as simple as a number helps to map out a specific trajectory for the employee to follow. They can see progress to a concrete, attainable goal.

Some tools can visualise performance in the form of a digital leaderboard. This tool would allow staff to see how they're progressing and gamify it to drive more competition. All members of your teams would be able to access the leaderboard online at any time and from any location. This eliminates the restrictions of physical dealership sales leaderboards that are stuck in one area of the office.

You can indicate different metrics, such as target and result, with rankings for every employee. Additionally, employees can receive a notification of congratulations when a salesperson closes a deal, which makes employees feel valued upon meeting sales goals.

2. Real-time visibility into metrics

Performance issues shouldn't come as a surprise to employees, but they often do. Employees may be under the impression that they're performing well in certain areas when they're actually not. This may result from a lack of real-time visibility into metrics and poor metrics in general.

Giving your teams some real-time insight into performance metrics through ongoing performance tracking will let employees know whether they need to step on the gas to hit their goals. The right solution will indicate how each employee is progressing based on specific goals, with detailed metrics that update after each new activity. This will help ensure that employees are consistently aware of how well or poorly they're doing. As a result, they'll have clear guidance to put them in the right direction.

Individual employees should have access to metrics pertaining to their own performance. They should also be able to see how their efforts contribute to the organisation as a whole. All too often, the connection between each employee's efforts and the company's goals becomes unclear as various metrics and targets travel across teams.

You can consolidate metrics into a single and reliable version of the truth that updates in real time using a performance management system. With this, employees will be able to clearly see their role in the company's performance. You'll also be able to increase car sales via improved collaboration among teams.

3. Data-informed staff training

Staff often appreciate training that helps them hit their sales goals but don't want training that feels like a waste of time. Professionals want training that provides them with valuable data that they can use to drive performance and productivity, allowing for real progress.

With quantitative visibility into performance, leadership will be able to see which training is generating results and which areas need more work. Subsequently, teams will find out what they're doing right and what they're getting wrong, which can further help them determine how to improve performance. As a result, the effort and time you invest in staff development will be well spent.

Most importantly, employees who undergo training can specifically see the results they're capable of getting. This will further drive them to do their best. They'll also be more willing to undergo more training in the future as they see how they progress. Less transparent training, in comparison, might merely seem redundant.

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Use the right performance management system to boost employee performance

With the help of accurate data tracking and performance measurement, business owners and employees both benefit.

Leadership can gain more insight into which individuals and teams are underperforming. This shows how performance affects their business and which steps they can take to improve performance.

In addition, employees will have the ability to:

  • See how they're performing against others within their teams
  • Compare scores to their previous performance levels
  • Identify which areas need work
  • Begin training and taking other steps on their own to improve performance
  • Through a system such as a leaderboard with rewards for top-performing employees, staff will feel more valued. They'll also be more inclined to put in more effort.

Ultimately, with the ability to track data and maximise its transparency and accuracy, your dealership will have the chance to flourish and maintain optimal performance in the long term. The key is finding the right dealership software to help you achieve your goals and boost performance. At SalesLogs, we offer a comprehensive business platform that can take your dealership analytics — and your dealership — to the next level. Our platform is specially designed for the automotive industry to help boost staff performance, track your dealership's progress, and hit your goals.

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