Convincing Your Boss That Dealership Software Improves Car Sales

Convincing Your Boss That Dealership Software Improves Car Sales

Sometimes the people we need to be proactive about business solutions can seem the most change-resistant. Thankfully, when you’ve spotted a foolproof solution that you know will be great for business, there are ways to win them over.

As a financial controller, it may be common knowledge to you that dealership software can improve your company’s bottom line, but your boss may only have one thing on their mind: how to improve car sales. 

Here are five winning ways to make the case for dealership software that helps the dealership run smoothly, and ultimately helps the team sell more cars: 

Understand why leadership may be change-resistant

You may find yourself up against reluctant leadership for reasons other than you think. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience rushing into a new software solution; or perhaps the company’s finances are in a worse state than you think. Brainstorm some reasons why your boss could veto any suggestion to onboard dealership software and prepare counterarguments upfront. This should make any discussion you have more productive.

Consider factors they may be aware of (such as sunk costs or contractual agreements with other service providers) and those they’re perhaps unconsciously hamstrung by (like a rigid company culture). And, if you’re making your case and the reasons for resistance seem unclear — ask! Knowing what you’re up against is halfway to finding a solution.

Highlight how dealership software benefits every department

Rather than motivating for software that makes only your job easier, approach your boss with use cases that illustrate how the investment can streamline operations and boost ROI in every department.  For example, dealership software can collate data on the most popular inventory, telling the business where to focus sales efforts for increased profits.

As a dealership, your ultimate goal may be to improve car sales. If every department is operating at maximum efficiency, that goal becomes easier to achieve. By showcasing how dealership software can streamline each department — from Aftermarket and Wholesale to Finance and Sales — your boss may start to see the investment as worthwhile. 

Make your suggestion relevant to them (not you)

It’s easier to convince someone if they can clearly see how an idea benefits them. When presenting your (well-researched, objective) case, make it easy for your boss to spot how dealership software benefits owners and general managers

It could be as simple as pointing out how an automated platform can boost efficiency by 90% and ensure the dealership’s profitability, or that they’ll have accurate and up-to-the-minute, on-demand data that gives them unprecedented insight into performance. These benefits may be self-evident to you, but never assume they’re obvious to someone new to the idea of an automated, centralised platform. And, always remember to tie your argument back to the ultimate question on their minds: how to improve car sales.

Offer multiple paths to adoption

What are some ways your company could adopt dealership software with minimal risk? Proactively laying out 2–3 viable ways to roll out the software without risking downtime or teething difficulties can help your boss warm up to the idea of change. For example, you could propose rolling out the software in stages or spearheading a training programme.

Remember that free demos and trials come at no risk

A certain level of skepticism is healthy when you’re considering parting with time or money. Thankfully, reputable dealership software providers should offer a free demo and/or trial periods that allow you to test out the platform with no risk. 

Increase your revenue with dealership reporting.

Your boss may resist giving the green light because they fear the cost of change. Suggesting a risk-free trial or demo could be the smartest way to make your case for dealership software a winning one. Setting up a demo of SalesLogs, for example, is as easy as clicking the button below. Why not set up a date for us to show you (and your boss) how SalesLogs can benefit the entire team?


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