Words That Get Action, How to Write Better Emails and Text Messages


Why is it that people are so quick to read text messages and emails as soon as they come in, but loath answering them? Putting off answers to messages is an elevated art form for some people and a common habit for the rest of us.

But that could be a problem for youif your income depends on other people taking action. To help you improve your game, here are some simple tips to get faster responses to the words you write.


The 100 MostPowerful Words in Advertising

Google “The 100 Most Powerful Words in Advertising” and you will get 238,000,000 hits. Yes, people who have something to sell know that certain words prod people into action.

Get familiar with those words. Pick a list of popular advertising words that you like and start experimenting with them in your written messages.

New lists of the most popular advertising words come out every year. What never changes? The three words ‘free, new, and improved’ always rate in the top ten most action-inducing words.

Why is that? Becauseevery human:

  • Finds the offer of free things appealing (positive motivation)
  • Does not want to feel ‘left out, passed by, or unimportant’ by not knowing about the latest, newest version of anything (negative motivation)
  • Is curious by nature. What is improved? We all want to know. (The motivation of excitement)

Make the message About Them, Not About You

It’s easy to say what we want but awkward to phrase things fromother people’s point of view. But every good salesperson knows that and can do it with precision verbally.

Put your hard-earned verbal skills to work in your written words. Develop the skill of writing from the other person’s point of view. What do you have to gain? More sales, better cooperation, less strife.

Make the Message About What They Want, Not About What You Want

Let’s take that ‘point of view’ thing further. Yes, you want people to cooperate. They already know that and are not interested in what you want. For example:

Don’t write “I will be here till 9:00 pm so you can come test drive this car.” 

Instead say: “You would enjoy driving this car. It’s nice. How’s your schedule looking for a quick test drive this evening or tomorrow before noon?”

Make Your Points Like Throwing a Knife – Point First

Long introductions are out. Make your point fast. Make it immediate. Say it first. Then follow up with any supporting details if necessary. 


The Most Important Part of Any Message – The Headline

Here’s another tip from advertising people. What gets people’s attention and makes them read an advertisement? The headline. Get it right and you have an interested audience for your message.

Writing effective headlines is so important that people have earned Ph.D.’s in the study of how to do it. The most action-inducing headlines are:

  • From 8 to 14 words in length
  • Mention a problem someone is having or an advantage they can get
  • Mention the solution to the problem or promise the advantage to them
  • Name the product that does all that

Yes, it’s difficult to fit those four things into only 8 to 14 words. Become good at it, though, and your email subject lines will sing, and the first sentence of your text messages will grab the reader by the collar.

Summary – Get an Edge on the Competition

Everybody communicates by electronic means, but few do it well. Pick up this skill and you will stand out from all the other people who crowd the inboxes and cellphones of your audience.

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